The Royal Event of The Century

Goddess Creation Presents The Official Site Of:
A Royal Affaire® Crowning Ceremonies and Tiny Royals Dance Social.

A Royal Affaire®

Crowning Ceremonies

The Only Royalty Maker - Anywhere!

For Children, Adults, and Pets too.

Allow Us To Dub Thee Royal.

Hurry! New Kingdoms Are Forming Daily.

"Whether it is a Crowning Ceremony For 1, a Crowning Party, or an Event for 1001, there Is A Royal Affaire® For Everyone."

"A Royal Affaire®" is Now Referred to as:

The Royal Event of The Century! Book Your Royal Affaire Today.

No two ceremonies are exactly alike. Each a unique experience sure to please.

Special discounts to vets and other military personnel.

Call for information about receiving free ceremonies for hospitalized children with cancer or other disabilities.

Become Royalty

Girls and Boys, Big or Small, All Love Tiaras and Crowns - Getting them to admit it could be another story - However... Deep Down, We All Want Our Kingdom. Deep Down, We All Want to Rule. Now, you can have your kingdom, your crown, all the royal goodies, and a certificate to prove it.

A Royal Affaire® is Not Just for Parties. You can have A Royal Affaire® even if you are one person. You only have to have the desire to become a Royal. If you are having a party, I want you to know that "A Royal Affaire® is The Main Event at Your Main Event." Your Party or Event will be talked about for years to come. I'll Tell You Why.

A Royal Affaire® is The Only Royalty Maker - Anywhere! You Will Not Find Our Crowning Ceremony Event program anywhere else because this is a generational program that will live on forever.

You are getting

The One, The Only, and The Official Royalty Event straight from the Creator to you. You are asking...

What do I get? I'll tell you.

First, you will receive a:

  • A Costumed Entertainer (s) and Fanfare Music.
  • A Mini Crowning Ceremony
  • A Pageant Quality Crystal Tiara or Crown
  • A Crystal Scepter
  • A Certificate of Authenticity Proving That You Are Real Live Royal.
  • You Will Also Receive a Special Thank-you Gift From Your Event Queen

Then, depending on which package you choose and purchase, you may receive other Royal Goodies.
A Key to the kingdom perhaps?
A Deed and lot with your Castle on it?
Or perhaps the whole Kingdom. The choice is yours.

A Royal Affaire

Let's have a 2024 Winner...

(201) 952-2032

Call to enter and win a Free Child's Birthday Party from A Royal Affaire® Crowning Ceremonies. Date to be announced. Tell us your child's name and age... include the birthday date, and you are entered.

Open to Bergen County Residents only, must be 4 years to 12 years of age.

Call to hear about our other contests.

Don't just become royalty for your party. Become Royalty Forever. A Royal Affaire® Crowning Ceremonies

New Kingdoms Are Forming Daily.
Start Your Own Kingdom Today.

A Special Announcement

We found our Mini Party Palace while we searched for our
Forever Royal Home.

Call us. (201) 952-2032

We are in Paramus, NJ. Parties, Events, Conference Meetings, Showers. Have your party here, enjoy your event, and be a guest.

We are taking advanced bookings for the 2024/2025 School Year.

*Disclaimer: A Royal Affaire® Does Not Claim to Have Actual Real Estate Value. No One Receives actual Real Estate Property, Nor Does Anyone Really receive a real Castle. Yes, a statue of a castle and copy of property map is given in the proper package. Goddess-land only exists in the Creator's mind and imagination. All other aspects are real. A Real Mini Ceremony, A Real Crystal Tiara etc. But No Actual Property of any monetary value is given. Thank you for understanding.

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Theatrical, Art, and Business Methods, Properties make us

The ONLY Royalty Makers

Anywhere in the World.

We Are The ONLY Royalty Makers Anywhere. If You are Interested in Licensing, Franchising, Partnering, or Sponsoring, please call the number below.

A Royal Affaire® will soon be traveling, State to State, and will be coming to a town near you soon.

For Advanced Bookings and Available Dates
Call Francesca Benedetto at:
(201) 952-2032

Thank you.